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We are extremely pleased to announce a VERY HIGH QUALITY Breeding we have helped to arrange for 2018, with all information on the litter found below. This is an "outside" pairing arranged by us for a client, between Miss Gracie Mae and VC DC Fieldman's Journeyman Jake SH. This is a repeat breeding, something we normally don't do, but the results from the last breeding were so outstanding that we felt obligated to repeat it!
Contact us for video's of pups from the previous breeding, already doing finished broke work at 18 months of age!
Take some time to study this well thought out pedigree and you'll recognize the talent in the videos of last years pups!


EXCELLENT Line Bred Litter, with an outside "nick" due approximately December 7th and ready to go home in early February!

I am extremely proud of this Pairing! Proving to be consistent, dynamite Shorthairs!

I am pleased to announce a client breeding that I’ve arranged and planned for them, 2012 #1 Open Gun Dog FC AFC Snip’s Sixth Sens Wyatt MH daughter, "Miss Gracie Mae", aka. "Gracie" has been bred to "VC DC Fieldman's Journeyman Jake SH", aka. Jake; with pups expected early December. The pups will reside in the house here for their first 8 weeks, until they are ready to go to their new homes in early February; receiving lots of socialization with my daughters, people and other dogs; as well as initial bird intro's and a host of other foundation building blocks.

This will be a VERY, VERY nice litter of Shorthairs, as the first pairing of these two outstanding animals has proven to be, with plenty of snap, crackle and pop; "Full Choke" noses; lots of style with high heads and high tails, excellent conformation and all the intelligence, power, drive, biddability, natural talent and personality a person could ask for. This is an extremely nice pairing that will be lining up on both tops and bottoms of the pedigree and is sure to produce GSP’s destined to impress; with a VERY strong foundation showing numerous Dual Champion and Field Champion Foundation GSP's, a Dual Champion/Versatile Champion Sire and a Dam that is well on her way to a Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion. Above all, both have proven themselves on wild birds and especially on Ruffed Grouse here in the Appalachians.

We have a 1 ½ year old pup that we co-own from an almost EXACTLY identical pairing, whom in 6 juvenile runs (4 of which were handled by my then 11 & 13 year old daughters), placed all 6 times, winning 3 of those times and acquiring her juvenile FC points in 2 weeks’ time. She is currently being broken out for adult stakes and is taking the training EASILY without requiring an e-collar, has retrieved naturally to hand from the get go, naturally honored, has power to spare and the cooperation to just want to go with you and work for you, not to mention being a wonderful bed warmer!
Pearl's littermate brother "Murphy", is a Diabetic Alert Dog, the #1 NADD Dock Diving GSP in the U.S. in 2016 and a Senior Hunter working toward his Master, as well as being an integral constant companion to his owner. Another littermate brother has won in AF Derby competition, while others are successfully hunting for their owners, all being wonderful companions in the home.
We invite you to look at, thoroughly study and compare Pearls pedigree to this one and you’ll quickly recognize our desire in planning this pairing.

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SIRE: VC DC Fieldman's Joureyman Jake SH, aka. Jake is a Senior Hunter with very high scores; has 12 Field Trial placements, 4 of which are wins, with Jake having finished his FC in less than a year and a half. He was shown in Conformation, seeking his Champion title to become a Dual Champion and finished in a very similar fashion, quick and flashy; but make no mistake though, he is a FIELD Dog that was taken to the Conformation Ring to prove his conformation is of the highest quality. He was Handled and Trained by myself in Field Trials, AKC Hunt Test and approximately half of the Conformation handling by my wife for his Owners, Lynn and Cindy Fieldman, in his short 2 years with us. He was then trained and handled for NAVHDA by a Pro in that venue, earning his Utility Prize 1, garnering his invitation to the NAVHDA Invitational, where he earned his Versatile Champion title in NAVHDA. He has been hunted on Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Sharptailed Grouse and Prairie Chickens in South Dakota, Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania under my hand. He now enjoys his days hunting with Lynn, every opportunity he is given and being their special family companion. He has proven to be an exceptional Shorthair in all aspects from Ability to Personality and Trainability.

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Jake's OFA Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, CERF

DAM: Miss Gracie Mae, aka. Gracie is owned by the Ploeger family, trained, as well as Field Trial campaigning by us and has been hunted VERY successfully on Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Sharptails, Prairie Chickens and Pheasants from the steep, Grapevine covered slopes of Maryland and West Virginia to the National Grasslands of South Dakota. She currently has 6 Field Champion points and 3 Amateur Field Champion points to her credit, handled by myself and her Sire’s owner Jon Sensinger, whom she also readily works for, though she only gets to see him at the occasional Trials. She is a very focused, powerful and business like Shorthair when hunting, that covers ground with an excellent natural application as the cover and grounds demand, missing nothing, yet is very attentive to her people and seeks positive attention when she sees the opportunity. She is extremely biddable and is as natural of a bird dog as anyone could ever hope to ask for. Natural to hand retriever from day one and absolutely difficult to get out of the water if permitted to swim! She loves to please me and her owners, regardless of the task asked of her. She is also an absolute joy to have in the home, a couch potato and a bed hog. Ask me how I know!

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Gracie's OFA Hips and Elbows

Both Jake and Gracie have been X-rayed for Hips and Elbows, Jake is OFA "EXCELLENT" and Gracie is OFA "GOOD" for Hips, both are OFA "NORMAL" for Elbows, as well as Jake being Cardiac “NORMAL”, CERF “CLEAR” and NEGATIVE for Lupoid Dermatosis.

Pups are Guaranteed for Abilities, Temperament and against Genetic defects. Guarantee

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