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FC AFC Snip's Sixth-Sens Wyatt MH "2012 GSPCA Open Gun Dog of the Year"

BirthDate: 4/24/2009
Age: 11
Sex: M
<p>Wyatt is proudly owned by Jonathan and Lisa Sensinger. Trained and Handled by Bruce Shaffer.</p> <p>He earned his Junior Hunter Title in 2009.</p> <p>Earned his Master Hunter Title in 2010.</p> <p>He Ranked #10 GSPCA Open Gundog and #13 AKC GSP Open Gundog for <big>2011</big>.</p><p>At the conclusion of <big>2012</big> Wyatt fell short of his AFC by 1 point but accumulated many other impressive statistics.  With 27 placements, under 45 different Judges that placed him, Wyatt finished up the year ranked <font color="#ff0000">#1 Open Gun Dog in GSPCA with 106 points and #1 GSP Gun Dog in AKC with 154 dogs defeated</font>.  He finished up <font color="#ff0000">OLGD ranked #7 in GSPCA with 52 points and #6 GSP Open Limited Gun Dog in AKC with 88 dogs defeated</font>.  An added surprise was that in the few Trials Jon was able to attend and run Wyatt himself, he was able to get Wyatt ranked <font color="#ff0000">#8 with 60 points in Amateur Gun Dog in GSPCA and #6 GSP Amateur Gun Dog in AKC with 95 dogs defeated</font>. One final surprise that was unnoticed by us till nearly the end of Dec., was his ranking in <font color="#ff0000">"AKC All Breed", where Wyatt finished up as the #9 Gun Dog in the Country</font> against all Pointing Breeds.</p> Association of Field Trial Clubs of New Jersey 2012 Open Gun Dog of the Year
<p>Wyatt finished his <font color="#ff0000">Amateur Field Champion</font>, earning that last point at the very first Trial he ran in <big>2013</big>; just prior to now starting a new goal of seeing if he can pass muster in the Show Ring, in an effort to earn the status of Dual Champion.</p>  

$900.00 to Approved Bitches

<p>GSP-14953G24M-VPI 	HIPS 	May 6 2011 	May 31 2011 	24 	GOOD</p><p>GSP-EL1511M24-VPI 	ELBOW 	May 6 2011 	May 31 2011 	24 	NORMAL</p><p>GSP-TH332/25M-VPI 	THYROID 	May 26 2011 	Jun 2 2011 	25 	NORMAL</p><p>DNA Profiled</p><p>Lupoid Dermatosis NEGATIVE from UofP</p>
<p><font color="#ff0000"></font><a href=""><font color="#ff0000"><b><big>Wyatt's Field Trial Record</big></b></font></a></p><p><font color="#ff0000"></font><a href=";HDR=Snip%27s+Sixth-Sens+Wyatt+MH"><font color="#ff0000"><b><big>Wyatt's Searchable Pedigree</big></b></font></a></p><p><font color="#ff0000"></font><a href=";Generations=5"><font color="#ff0000"><b><big>Wyatt's Printable Pedigree</big></b></font></a></p>
FC AFC Snip's Sixth-Sens Wyatt MH, "2012 GSPCA Open Gun Dog of the Year", Proudly owned by Jonathan and Lisa Sensinger. Whelped 4/24/2009.