Dalin being Steadied

I wanted to share a sequence of Dalin being "Broke" to Wing, Shot and Fall. In this sequence he has gone on Point at 150-200 yards out, waits for the 4-5 minutes I take getting there because I'm taking so many pix, another 4-5 minutes while I move around him and lay down on the ground in front of him for the last pic, BEFORE flushing the bird. After flushing and blanking the bird, he marks and remains standing, I gave him the release and all he did was pivot his head to the right and tightened up, I release him a 2nd time and he just gets more intense yet. There was a 2nd bird 10 yards further down the Fence that he stood through to my release! TRUST YOUR DOG! Note his feet, head nor tail ever moved over the time it took me to travel the 200 yards to him!

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