6 Weeks. WOW!

6 Weeks. WOW! This is going to be tough letting these"kids" go.
From what we have been seeing in these pups so far: All are going to be go getters and are not afraid to get away and go explore around and get out of sight, yet all of them show a desire for attention from any and all people and will check back in for the occasional scratches before going back to rough housing with their siblings or exploring around. All have shown remarkable biddability thus far in their willingness to be handled and stacked for the many pictures, with the exception of one that is just a little pistol, who would much rather be scratched or be off playing and exploring. Ironically, he is the smaller dark Liver & White Male!
All are showing that they have some noses on them. To explain, I used Peanut Butter treats to get them to pull forward for me when I stacked them for this set of pictures and they could smell the tiny pinhead sized bits of treats on the table and were "hoovering" the second they hit the table and nibbling at my empty fingers before I even had treats in hand! Now that is obviously not a real test of nose, but to see how they use their noses to follow one another around and then to see their responses to the treats, it will be interesting to see how they react when intro'd to Quail, especially when the Quail run and try to hide on them. I must say, this litter is proving to be everything I had hoped for so far and it will be very rewarding to watch them grow into the Shorthairs I had hoped and worked to produce.

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